P1000 Series 3/4 - 1000HP

(1) Standard Enclosure can be conventionally mounted, or heatsink external (kit required). Flange Enclosure includes special factory-installed gasketing and flange to provide NEMA 12 backside integrity when mounting heatsink external.
(2) Includes NEMA 1 End Cap Kits.
(3) Normal Duty overload current rating is 120% of rated output current for 60 seconds.
(4) Horsepower rating is based on standard NEMA B 4-pole motor design as represented in NEC table 430.150 Full-Load Current, Three-Phase Alternating Current Motors. Also, listed power ratings assumes three-phase input. For single-phase input applications, consult Manual Supplement TOEPYEASUP03 for proper sizing.

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